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Shop Guide & Shipping ♥

Shop Guide & Shipping ♥

Step 1 -

Add your favorite items to the shopping cart.

Don't forget to select the product color and size if available.  


Step 2  -

System will lead you to shopping cart page.

You can update quantity. Then click 'Proceed to payment' to place the order.


Step 3 -

System will lead you to express checkout page.

You can checkout as a guest or register an account (It's free.)

Fill in the information from step 1 to 5.


Step 4 -

Enter the coupon code in step 5 if you have.


Step 5 -

Please choose the paypal option and pay in Hong Kong Dollars.


Step 6 -

Write down some important notes you want me to know.

E.g. Confirmation of product size and color.


Step 7 -

Please cick 'Proceed to payment'. It will lead you to the Paypal page.


Step 8 -

Please log in and finish the payment.

You can pay as a Paypal guest.

After received your payment, we will send you an email notification.


Any enquiries, feel free to contact us at sweetgyarushop@hotmail.com

Thanks for order! :D Happy Shopping!