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Important notes

Please read and make everything clear before ordering to protect your own beneifit.
Please contact us if you still have any enquiries. Thank you for your order.

Here at sweet gyaru shop, we are selling japanese fashion products. All the products are imported from the China original factories directly. Due to sensitive brand problem, trademarks and washing labels will be removed by the factory. Therefore, the prices are relatively low comparing to the Japan retail stores. We are sorry that we cannot control this problem. If you are nervous about the trademark problems, we recommended you to purchase items from the Japan retail store directly. :)

Please do not worry about the products quality. We gain a lots of positive feedbacks from buyers. 20070422_62df752f3fde1e9b44ed3rgsPKxvJUbW.gifYou can view them in the page of "Customer feedbacks". 

Thank you for your purchase! Happy Shopping!